In Praise of the 51%

It is odd that we would even need to mention this in the 21st century. gender equalityBut a significant majority of Christendom doesn’t recognize the legitimacy of Women as equal partners in Leadership and Ministry.*

We think this is truly a shame. First, we wonder: how on earth do they get anything done?!

In Christ “there is neither male nor female…”  Paul writes in Galatians. We take that to mean at least that in Christ there is both male and female and we should be celebrating the distinctive gifts that women have always provided the church with.

Our pulpit is regularly filled by women, our liturgists are often women, so we are accustomed to being led in preaching, teaching, scripture reading, and prayer by the same women who help us discern the spirit at every level of our governance and life together.

It is not enough to suggest women can help with fundraising bake sales and training up our kids.  We hope for continued growth in our society’s treatment and respect of women, and are making sure at Genesis the New Kingdom is in full view.

 * Half of Christendom is Catholic. They bring a great deal of richness and diversity theologically, culturally, and in our country especially ethnically to the kingdom. For this we are grateful indeed! Another significant group of Conservative and Evangelical Christians similarly have much to bring to the table of religion. And they similarly prohibit women from sharing fully in the Body of Christ.