My name is Don Shrumm and I am interested in philosophy and theology and literature and heavy ideas…but I think I watched too much MTV back in the 1980s. Keeping things short and tasty is a priority.

I am a Presbyterian Pastor at Genesis Church in Littleton, CO. It is part of what some call the liberal mainline. When so much of the faith conversation in our culture is dominated by ultra-conservatives it really isn’t hard to be labelled “liberal” however! Genesis is a creative church in the middle of recognizing the dramatic changes required by a congregation serious about making a difference today. Come worship with us sometime and you will find something further left than that, where we really do believe in a faith “dialogue.”

I live up in Conifer where writing is easy and the view on the commute home often takes my breath away. Speaking of taking my breath away…I am newly married to Julie Engel. We both lead music in the Band at church and are having a blast creating a new life together.

I’ve got a daughter working on a PHD in philosophy at Washington University in St Louis and a son playing video games and singing in Fort Collins.  My newer (step)daughter loves rock climbing and traveling. That mix of high mindedness with entertainment that might take us higher and farther is where I am aiming this blog.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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  1. Hi Pastor Don. I wanted to follow up with you with a photo of the fresco at Luxor Temple in Egypt. I couldn’t find any “proof” of the story I was told there, which is that the artist that painted it had actually seen some of the disciples, including St. Mark. The timeline could make sense as St. Mark was in Alexandria around 60 AD. Supposedly the fresco was covered up but some of the colors/picture remains. Regardless, it was humbling and inspiring to see this blend of Christianity in an ancient temple with a Muslim minaret just before the mural. Enjoy and thanks for the St. Mark study! I like your website also. Jane R.

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