Genesis Anthem from November 10: Chris Rice’s “Naive”

Brett on drums, Don on piano and lead, Julie and Janet on Background vocals



reflecting on Palm Sunday’s Irony, our own duplicity, Jesus cursing the religious institution, and a chance to finally be honest about where we fit in.

2 Poems from a Beach

Why We Don’t Read

The wor(l)d’s safer

with no wor(l)ds on paper.


The Swimmer

Buoyed by my newly light self

the density of daily life

seems a poor reading of what is.


Weighted by the shame of expense

I greet the maid and feel

worse still about my white and weight.


What heavy problems could I really have?

Itinerary and passport, map reading, cash.


I glimpse your trailing orange bauble

it is sunrise and sunset both

silent beacon flashes, beckons,

out beyond where

I daily swim.