Learning to See in the Dark

solsticeSolstice is a chance to suddenly realize there will be more light, and soon. Wednesday is the longest night of the year. As soon as Winter is officially upon us, the sun is already starting its return to strength.

We never had any idea when Jesus was born. There is nothing in scripture to suggest a season, let alone a date. But there was this really cool pagan festival Sol Invictus which celebrates the Invincible Sun and its annual returning.

The late December party featured lots of feasting, dancing, and I assume great music (alas that we could remember any of it now to replace much of our Christmas playlists!). We piggy backed, and a few centuries later Christ suddenly had his own Mass. Continue reading

Defensive Christians

cross2These feel like hard days to be Christian, what with culture pushing against us and changing the rules. Church influence is on the decline everywhere, people are making laws about religious rights, and we really need to redefine ourselves.

But then I put my big boy pants on and realize hey! It’s actually pretty nice outside. Continue reading