No Longer Aliens

The first part was a rousing game of “How Are You Weird?” that I thought Genesis remarkably willing and skilled at…


followed by some reflections on Ephesians and radical inclusion

Religious Freedom on Our National Day of Prayer

Religious-FreedomOur President in today’s Executive Order is trying to make it easier for churches and pastors to publicly support one candidate over another and push their congregants to do so, without fear of losing their tax-exempt status. This is probably a bad idea. It makes coercion and turning religion into merely a subset of political parties too easy, and it’s pretty easy already. Many say Evangelical Christianity has already sold its soul and become a mere subset of the GOP. I find it hard to argue otherwise.

I speak as somebody who talks relatively freely about politics and whose congregants usually know where he stands, for better and sometimes for worse. But we won’t be having any voter pamphlets at Genesis anytime soon. Continue reading

My Pres(by) Trump

compassionAt 100 days I am finally (!) developing some compassion for our beleaguered President. It has taken me a while. Trump has been caught off guard by the complexity of NAFTA, Healthcare, international relations… and now this week he has confessed the job is far more difficult than he thought it would be. I get it. That can happen to Presbyterian pastors too.

Millions of us knew he was not prepared to be President, and he has shown it in dozens of appalling and reckless ways. Our least equipped of Presidents is in way over his head. And it is seeing his flailing and failing in so many areas that has triggered in me, pretty late I suppose, some compassion in addition to my ongoing anger and judgment.

I don’t like Donald Trump at all. But something has begun to warm a little down deep inside. Continue reading

Defensive Christians

cross2These feel like hard days to be Christian, what with culture pushing against us and changing the rules. Church influence is on the decline everywhere, people are making laws about religious rights, and we really need to redefine ourselves.

But then I put my big boy pants on and realize hey! It’s actually pretty nice outside. Continue reading