Quarantine Day 19

Quarantine Day 19

Laying in the hot tub and looking up through the steam I hope for no shooting stars. No getting pulled that far up and out of myself.

Many nights we gaze, attentive looking for the not uncommon satellite. Planes are easy to spot every 10 minutes or more often, but it is much quieter this Spring with the virus. Will summer mean the typical slow down of life? Or instead a somewhat welcome relative quickening? An easing of restrictions and more semblances of life returning to normal?  The stars are brighter in the same way downtown Denver is clearer when I drive down 285. If we drive less we instantly get cleaner air.

In the humid quiet I can run out of things to say, even to my wife. Exposed and intimate beneath the vast sky it is still possible, especially for two introverts, even in these claustrophobic nights, to be alone. Lazy limbs occasionally drifting through the tub are the only sound.

Lonesomeness sometimes pulls me to God. In these strange unnumbered days Continue reading


Genesis Anthem from November 10: Chris Rice’s “Naive”

Brett on drums, Don on piano and lead, Julie and Janet on Background vocals