freedomFreedom to do just anything at all is not our goal. Freedom to act more humanly, more humanely, to act better, is. Freedom is only freedom when it doesn’t create more captivity somewhere else (like in another’s life). Freedom to do anything is mere anarchy, which takes too lightly our ties to one another and the allegiance we pledge to something larger than ourselves. Continue reading

Open and Affirming

homosexuality and churchGod is at work calling many who are gay or lesbian into the ordained ministry.

For Presbyterians (PCUSA) that means called to be DeaconsRuling Elders and Teaching Elders (minister of the Word and Sacrament). We also want to call them for our next potluck, mission trip, committee meeting and book group! Our denomination recognizes the ordination of gays and lesbians and Genesis also rejoices in the diversity of God’s children. Everyone is welcome (at every level) at Genesis. Continue reading