Faith Pointing to Science

PASTCFIn light of these discoveries, today with confidence we can affirm:

That God has been calling this universe into being for at least 13.8 billion years and continues calling upon the Creation to bring forth new creatures;

I love the Reformed Theology here; we are being “called.” This is not mere science we are talking about.

That God’s creative call has resulted in virtually countless stars and planetary systems, and new stars and planetary systems are continuing to be created;

That, in response to God’s creative call, the Earth took form at least 4.6 billion years ago;

That, in response to God’s call, living creatures emerged on the Earth at least 3.6 billion years ago;

These folks are getting specific yes? This group of Presbyterians are faithful and technologically savvy. They are sending to our summer General Assembly this overture for vote.  Denver Presbytery, one of 172 Presbyteries in our denomination, recently voted (with our Genesis delegates’ help) Continue reading

Missing Marcus

Marcus Borg died yesterday and this morning I am feeling more exposed; a little less brave. For 25 years since Jesus: A New Vision came out I have read his works with fascination and admiration for this scholar and prophet who dared go where many of us wanted but dared not.borg-scholar

His progressive and deeply biblical, historical vision has been an inspiration to many of us preachers whose livelihood is forever tied to the approval of people for whom academia can feel a threat. Continue reading