The Enlightened Heart

Feb 5

Ps 131

“I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me…” (Psalm 131)

Oh c’mon…lets do it anyways. It’ll be fun! Let’s, as a congregation, occupy ourselves with things too great and too marvelous for ourselves!

Last Sunday’s sermon on the Beatitudes celebrated the remarkably high view of humans Matthew has Jesus proposing. That is, once we recognize the poverty of our spiritual life we can newly internalize the blessings God has in store for those honest and open to the process. “Getting the Blessing” of the beatitudes means both internalizing God’s grace (regardless of how we might feel) and learning to see the need for that same grace all around us by way of passing the blessing along.

Stephen Mitchell translates this devotion to God in this paraphrase of the verse above:

“I do not care about religion or anything that is not you…” (from The Enlightened Heart Psalm 131)

That is an astoundingly free interpretation of the Psalmists humility, recognizing that pursuing God is the only true value – even including what we call “religion” !

But what can this even mean? How can this even mean what it is striving to tell us? Isn’t all of this study we are doing this winter “religion?”

We get not just beneath but behind and in spite of the words this coming Sunday morning. It is a life-giving, freeing practice that serves both reading and discipleship.

Join us in worship as we listen for the prayer our Lord taught us – a prayer we say every week that is about something other than our words. And hear Jesus’ promises about the Way before us. It isn’t as difficult as we might think!