Feb 21 Balance

Feb 12


“The only way to learn balance is to practice recognizing when I am out of balance…and not freak out.”

I was reciting something like this to myself just moments before my death. I was on the ski run “Outhouse” at Winter Park because this was the best way to get to where we really wanted to ski one Friday a week or so back. It’s a black diamond run. I am, on a good day, a medium skier. Catastrophic wouldn’t be too strong a word.


A lovely Praise Band member dear to you all was innocently watching from above. There has already been considerable discussion whether “I” or whether “we” should have known better. Falling, crashing, flames, many-times, by-standers trying to not to watch in horror but powerless to help themselves…

I am excited that so many of us have picked up The Enlightened Heart! (Sorry that we are sold out again and I must direct you to buy it here at Amazon.com as you read along with Genesis this Winter into Spring) This is an extraordinary book for a congregation to be studying together – this is a new experience for our community. And I believe our life together is already better for it…

from “The Golden God, the Self, the immortal Swan…” beginning we knew we were in new territory. For some of us (pastor included) this extraordinarily high view of ourselves, quite distant from Reformed roots, is a shock. It puts the Path/Way/Tao in a new Light. Or I suppose, as we were discussing in worship last Sunday and in Women’s Bible study this morning…in a new Dark.

And then…we just kept on going. It wasn’t pretty and it didn’t feel right or safe a number of times, but something new happened when we let our discomfort remain unfixed. We learned about being “un-attached” and some new Word came into the room through the fractures of our Bible and Poetry Study.

“I am father of the world, its mother, source of all thing…” and we started to recognize something.

“I am the Self, Arjuna, seated in the heart of every creature…”! We felt like this was very familiar indeed, even warm to us…though in a strange new way.

“I am justice…”

And then, though much of the language and description felt alien and even threatening, there was a Voice we had heard before.”I am you, more than you yourself are.”

It was beautiful. Almost reluctantly we absorb the differences around us and are stretched in the process. With new language we are forced to think things we have never thought before, even if the topic is familiar. For there is a Truth inside and around that we have been habituated into tracing. But they talk about it differently in the far east wearing robes, seeing a strange world. They talk about it differently in the far past with foreign familial relationships. In fact they talk about it differently walking the shores of Galilee in sandals and reciting scrolls only vaguely familiar to us.

Ours is the joy of discovery.

Pastor Don