Palm Sunday Revisited


palm-sunday-globalIf you missed last Sunday it’s a shame because it was really a great morning to be at Genesis. The celebration included music both upbeat (children dancing in the aisles with palms) and very somber (a powerful quartet of “Mary Speaks” you can hear again Thursday night). The morning concluded with a rowdy and joyous brunch hosted by the Deacons. It was Genesis at its best Sunday morning; Julie and I smiled all the way home.

The scripture texts were what you can imagine for Palm/Passion Sunday but the congregational participation made the sermon time especially memorable.

When our community gathers around the word to find the Word and reflect we create some wonderful worship experiences.

All winter we have been reading and discussing poetry. That is really an uncommon thing for a pastor and congregation to do. I know this hasn’t been everybody’s cup of tea! I also bet all of us are about ready to move on AND I am just so happy to be part of a faith community ready to stretch and explore into unfamiliar territory. It has served us really well over the last year or more of New Beginnings, and has helped create an even more inviting and thoughtful spirit among us.

Come Thursday night for our last Lent event – a worship service full of Holy Week texts and shared reading, music to sing and music to reflect upon. It will wrap up our winter in style and prepare for the Easter just around the corner we have been waiting for.

Pastor Don