Missing Marcus

Marcus Borg died yesterday and this morning I am feeling more exposed; a little less brave. For 25 years since Jesus: A New Vision came out I have read his works with fascination and admiration for this scholar and prophet who dared go where many of us wanted but dared not.borg-scholar

His progressive and deeply biblical, historical vision has been an inspiration to many of us preachers whose livelihood is forever tied to the approval of people for whom academia can feel a threat. Continue reading

Why I Don’t Teach “Jesus Died for My Sins”

Atonement & Forgiveness 

The Bible teaches us that we are good (Genesis 1).  We are called to be in a relationship with God and have the capacity to obey and be faithful (Deuteronomy 30 and a good deal of the Old Testament account). Much traditional Atonement theology forgets this! Paul, waxing poetic about Adam and Eve, says we come by our disobedience honestly…it is everywhere in our story. 4882_250There is no mention of “The Fall” in the Bible Continue reading

Jonah Is (Is) Swallowed Up One Last Time

Religion is remembering; calling back something we didn’t know we knew that grounds us and lends continuity and meaning to our days. (re-“again” legere – “to read”)300px-Prophet_Jonah

Violence is forgetting, denying, making discontinuous, or annihilating the past and stripping away identity and the security of the present. By stealing backstory we take away identity and belonging as well as livelihood and safety. What is left is the frighteningly transient quality of the Now, Continue reading