TravelBlogging with GeoGuessr

geoguessr 2Round One – I can see recycling containers on the side of the road, blue…this must be the U.S. Then I see a truck ahead on the road as I am clicking along. Google has of course blurred the plate, but the tail gate says Dodge. Another vote for our part of the world. Farmland all around me and the house on the left feels decidedly Midwest so I settle for clicking around Iowa on the map in the lower right of the game screen where you make your location estimate. Turns out I am in southern Ontario rather than Iowa;  1000 kilometers off, but not a bad round.

Round Two – Dumb luck! I begin on a crossroads of a South American looking town. There is a sign in Spanish on a corner store that reads “Esquinao” and something else. I figure this must be the name of the town or region or something. So I open a separate new tab on my internet browser, type in “Esquinao” and get a map of Brazil, just East of Paraguay. I find roughly the same locale on the GeoGuessr (yes, that’s the spelling!) game map, click to place the pin and then click the green button for guessing my location. Only 600 kilometers away and a whopping 3300 points!

The game is called “GeoGuessr” and it is a blast. You should try it. geoguessr Click HERE to visit their site. 

Round Three – Wheat fields forever and I have to click the road arrow along the two-lane highway for a ways before I see a “Limit 50” sign that lets me know I am once again in the US. A depressing looking farmhouse appears on the right that offers no further clues. The green sign at the corner can lead me across fields on a dirt road. I decide to stay on the main drag (and recommend this)

I can’t make out the blurry sign even by zooming in with my roller wheel which is a shame (also a very useful strategy because then you can just do a separate Google name search and compare maps). I come back to the highway, impatient. Decide to simply vote midwest again. I don’t like to take longer than a few minutes per round. I click somewhere in Kansas, but the green button where I register my guess after pinpointing on the map tells me I was in fact in Eastern Washington, 1700 kilometers away. Not as good as round one.

Round Four I score big! I see that I am in a new subdivision and there happens to be a “For Sale” sign in a window of a pretty new condo I click past. I am reading English again! Not only that, at the entrance to the subdivision I find a larger developer advert that has a phone number! I open a new tab on my Chrome browser, type in the phone number and a locale just west of Dublin Ireland shows up for the company. I find that place on the GeoGuessr map, click the green button and am only 23 klilometers off! that means 5000 points in one round.

Round Five and I am on winding road with orchards I don’t really recognize. Mercedes Truck is coming toward me as I click; also a sign of foreign territory.  I always immediately turn around 180 degrees in case there is a nearby road sign. No luck, but further ahead I find a dilapidated sign reading “Rio _____” and the rest is too beat up to read, like some incomplete Apocryphal Gospel fragment that leaves you hanging. So, we must be south of the border then…where to go next?

Other rounds I happen to be in an American town, follow the roads into busier looking area and find a nice looking building with “Muncie Children’s Museum” on it. Find Muncie, Indiana and click on it even without looking more closely. Only 300 meters off! for 5000 points (the max per round).

There are also specifically American versions (much easier, less exotic) and even major city versions. Get your joy of traveling from your desk with GeoGuessr

Because we all need some more play in our lives…that’s why.