Ex Machina…quality humanitarian storytelling

ex_machina_ver4Deus ex machina (“God from a machine”) usually refers to careless story writing utilizing a plot twist coming out of nowhere. Rather than providing back story or rationale something extraordinary happens that changes the entire narrative, typically pulling a happier ending out of the hat. We are surprised by such seemingly divine intervention, but there is no way we couldn’t be. There is a sense of betrayal that comes to the viewer with such heavy handed outside influence.

Life can indeed be like that, but carefully crafted narratives have more to say than “fluke happens.” Continue reading

Why I Don’t Teach “Jesus Died for My Sins”

Atonement & Forgiveness 

The Bible teaches us that we are good (Genesis 1).  We are called to be in a relationship with God and have the capacity to obey and be faithful (Deuteronomy 30 and a good deal of the Old Testament account). Much traditional Atonement theology forgets this! Paul, waxing poetic about Adam and Eve, says we come by our disobedience honestly…it is everywhere in our story. 4882_250There is no mention of “The Fall” in the Bible Continue reading